Sunday, March 07, 2010

The move

While my poor movers were going up and down 3 flights of stairs carrying boxes of clothes, shoes and a couch or two, I went to Au Levain de Marais, which will probably become my new local boulangerie. First time in my life that I've had a croissant that was still warm from the oven. I walked back holding it in my hand and trying not to crush it, all the while hoping it would stay warm in time for me to eat it.

Flaky shattering butterly salty sweetness. With a touch of warmth and a gooey inside. Yum.

FYI, according to my French teacher (Google confirms), there are actually two types of croissants. This one is a croissant au beurre, as opposed to a croissant, and has an elongated shape, rather than the shape with the sides tucked in. The difference? Croissant au beurre must be made with 100% butter (apparently French butter at that) and have no other kinds of fat like margarine or oil. The other ones, croissants can be made with fats other than butter. But if you're going to eat it, why not go for the real, 100% buttery goodness? Apparently you get in trouble if you mis-label or mis-shape your croissants. Frenchies are serious about these kinds of things.

That thing is messy and you get shards of pastry all over the place. So I snuck in bites when the movers weren't in the apartment. Oh, and I got them some water. In between cursing my apartment to l'enfer, they made fun of how much stuff I had relative to the size of the apartment.

Then they discussed whether or not my couch would fit through the doorway to the apartment. And what I was going to do with two couches (the apartment came furnished). Well my couch didn't fit so they're coming back next week and putting it through this window. I don't know what I'm doing with that other leather couch (its actually super uncomfortable).

And on Saturday I spent 12:30pm - 9pm assembling furniture, cursing Ikea to l'enfer while putting together, pulling apart, and breaking off pieces of my bed, being thankful that I had the foresight to pack a hammer and a screwdriver, and organizing my kitchen and shoe closet. Yes, I have a shoe closet. Although depending on how things go, it might become a stacked-clothes closet. Still lots more to organize thought and gotta get it ready by Saturday morning in time for JP! Stay tuned for pictures of the apartment after it's ready next week!

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