Tuesday, August 23, 2011

'wichcraft's BLT

Except in rare instances, I generally buy my lunch rather than bringing it to work. I try to spend no more than $8 but this summer, 'wichcraft's BLT sandwich  has been my guilty pleasure. I've had 5 of them since they came back on the menu at the end of July. And at $10.75 post-tax this isn't a cheap meal, but boy is it delicious. Fresh tomatoes from the Greenmarket (the reason why this sandwich is seasonal), heritage bacon, mixed baby lettuces and a house-made aioli (I get mine sans aioli) on country bread.

And I'll keep coming back to 'wichcraft until they take it off the menu. And then I won't step foot in there until next summer because they are a ridiculously overpriced eatery serving mediocre sandwiches at best, which, by the way, have absurd calorie counts. Save for the BLT.

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