Monday, August 02, 2010

Barlotti = heavy overpriced italian

I work a stone's throw away from Marche Sainte Honore (the center of which is actually occupied by my company's building), lunch and sometimes dinner (or takeout dinner) is often had in one of the restaurants lining the square. This time dinner was at Barlotti, an over-priced italian restaurant (thinly sliced artichoke heart under head of parmesan shavings) was €20. Absurd. But it was a going-away dinner and the interior is actually kinda cool with an atrium that is 3 stories tall. I guess you go for the atmosphere, not the food because my risotto with goat cheese, parma ham and sage was a blob of cheese essentially:

Can you even SEE the rice?! No discernible sage taste but definitely a log or two of chevre dumped in there, along with parma ham cooked to resemble bacon. And I swear they had to have put some cream in there or something, no way could just chevre do this to a dish. Needless to say, this is something I couldn't finish.  I think I'll stick to the risottos I make - no extra cream added since if you make it right, the starch in the rice should be enough for that creamy gooey texture (although a little bit of parmesan doesn't hurt!)

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