Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Le Relais de l'Entrecote aka unlimited steak frites

This place serves one thing, and one thing only - thinly sliced ribeye. And it was the best steak I've had in Paris to date. Now I know why people line up and wait for this. Thankfully, I arrived 15 minutes before 8pm and got us a table for 3 because the line was a good 15 people deep five minutes later.

Everyone starts with a salad dressed in a mustard-y vinaigrette topped with walnuts. Nothing super amazing, but pretty solid.

Afterwards is where the real damage is being done. Unlimited thinly-sliced tender ribeye bathed in a buttery herb sauce and served with thin, crispy fries. You finish your steak, they come around with more. And with more fries. Essentially an all you can eat meat and potatoes (and butter) feast for €25.

I ordered my steak a point (this can range anywhere from medium-rare to medium) and it came a little more red than I like it to be normally (the waitress said that a point plus would be too well done). But the sauce, which I couldn't get enough of, made up for it. I had two portions of steak but refused the second portion of fries (I don't think the waitress understood why). I'm a goldfish, I eat everything in front of me so it's better for me to not get the extra frites.

Before we came, I figured we're get one dessert to share. No, we each got our own.

BB - the Vacherin de Relais, or praline and vanilla ice cream, sandwiched with meringues and topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Me - the Vacherin d'Ete, or raspberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream, sandwiched with meringues and topped with whipped cream and raspberry coulis

SM - Tartelettes de Fraises.  

The picture says it all, or, as he put it "comparatively inadequate". Well said my friend. While our vacherins were towers of sugar and crunch and smoothness and cold, the tartelettes  (maybe they give 2 because they're not very good?) were a pate sucree crust with sugared strawberries that had released some of their juices. Weak sauce.

Overall, a fun, happy and (overly)satisfying meal. And another food baby. No wonder I keep gaining weight.

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