Friday, November 06, 2009

bonjo...soir? oui oui, le baguette!

Paul is one of my favorite places to grab lunch in Paris. Mainly because its a reliable chain with yummy pastries, baguette sandwiches and salads that come with a red wine vinaigrette (why don't we have something like this in New York?) I'm a sucker for their red wine vinaigrette. I'm sure you're wondering "quoi? but you've been in Paris for less than 24 hours?!" Yes, but Paul and I (and his salad with chicken) became good friends during my summer abroad. I was completely craving the chicken salad but by 2pm there were none left. Apparently Parisians eat lunch early. So I settled for the salad with salmon. Success!

Unfortunately, my body was still on New York time and I couldn't bring myself to eat the bread that comes with it. I know, I know, why would I ever give up free delicious baguettes. I didn't! I had the two pieces of leftover lunch baguette with my lemon olive oil that I stole from the plane. Ok, granted I didn't steal was part of my plane dinner...but only crazy bag ladies would steal cute tiny bottles of olive oil...and me.

It’s quite a pitiful dinner for my first night in Paris….but not as comical as my FOLD OUT SOFA BED. And the closet next to my 12-inch CRT / TV screen. Except it wasn't a closet. It was a kitchen.

Le sigh.


  1. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Хороший post....я тоже хочу багеты и чикен салад.:(, масло "тырить" не красиво....:),меняй квартирку на большую :).....и нормальную кровать:)
    Целую... Казим:)

  2. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Сижу в Москве...голодный:(. Слюни текут от твоих "записок"....рыдаю:(...пойду, доем холодную яичницу:) Я никогда не ел твоей "стряпни", надо будет как-нибудь попробывать....Может в тебе умерает великий "ШЕФ"?:).