Wednesday, November 25, 2009

TJ's freezer * 10 = Picard

So there’s this chain of stores called Picard. Image the Trader Joe’s frozen section. Multiple that by 10. That’s Picard. All frozen food. BUT ITS SO GOOD. And we know how much I love TJs…

Case in point: sliced potatoes pan fried in duck fat, to which I added mixed mushrooms. Not just your regular shiitake, cremini, oyster, but chanterelles and porcini.

I could have made this! But I didn’t! I threw it pre-made and frozen into a pan for 10 minutes!!! Oh dear. It was all so overwhelming… I walked from freezer case to freezer case not knowing what to pick up (also not knowing what half the stuff was). And again I am cursed by not having an oven as they sell a ton of different kinds of frozen dough and oven meals. Maybe its better I don’t have an oven right now…cooking for 1 + having an oven = over cooking. And we all know where that goes….IN MY TUMMY. Muahaha.

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