Saturday, December 05, 2009

matcha rush

There are really no sidewalks in Paris, at least not in the New York City sense. Its really just a little bit of elevated asphalt next to the sides of buildings, where two people can barely squeeze by each other without stepping off onto the oncoming traffic. And if its raining, and everyone has umbrellas, its an even more dangerous game, trying not to stab each other. But then again, you kinda have to be aggressive in Paris, since no one lets you have the right of way. So I walk around as if I’m in Time Square – you know, pushing and shoving past the throngs of tourists and rolling your eyes if they don’t walk fast enough, which they never do. Although I still haven’t slowed my walking to a Parisian pace…I’m still walking just as fast as I do in NYC. It really is a unique pace over there…unmatched by any other city I’ve ever been to.

And so, while half-sprinting though the rain, battling Parisians with my umbrella on the faux-sidewalks, I clutched my Sadaharu Aoki bag in which a minimalist box contained a Matcha Millefeuille and a Matcha Chocoron.

Ce quoi ca? It’s a chocolate covered macaron. Mon dieu. What will they think of next? 

Truthfully, I was a little underwhelmed. All the pastries were lined up perfectly, each a work of art and a splash of colors. Unfortunately, the millefeuille was a little too much and the chocoron chocolate a little too thick. But then again, who am I to judge as I scarfed down both without a second thought. Must eat salad for 2 days.

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