Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nagayama + dinosaur shirt = Japan in Brazil?

Did you know that Brazil has the largest population of Japanese people outside of Japan? That meant that while in Sao Paulo, I had to try some Japanese food. Unfortunately, as you all know, I don't do raw fish. Fortunately, I eat pretty much everything else. And, luckily for me, apparently there's a really good Japanese restaurant a block and a half from my hotel. So that was my dinner tonight. And this was my outfit:

Hahahaha. I thought it would be highly appropriate to wear this t-shirt to a Japanese restaurant. Japanese people like Godzilla, cartoons and cute things. My tshirt has a pink cartoon dinosaur with tiny arms!!! Perfect.

I sat at the sushi bar and everything they sent out looked so gorgeous that I was contemplating forcing myself to eat some raw fish just to get pictures of these platters. But no, I ordered mushrooms, a cucumber roll (how typical of me) and vegetable tempura.

The mushrooms were some of the best mushrooms I've ever had. I think they were sauteed in tare sauce or something but they were meaty, chewy and sweet. I ate the entire thing. The best part about the cucumber roll was the rice, it also had a really nice, subtle sweetness to it. And the tempura? Well I always crave tempura for some reason and when I get it I only eat a piece and then I'm satisfied for a while. They brought me a HUGE bowl of tempura, so big it looked comical to see me sitting in front of a bunch off deep fried veggies. But they had awesome veggies including eggplant (don't hate, eggplant is delicious), green beans and sugar snap peas.

I kind of wish I didn't get the tempura and at least tried the salmon roll or some of the yakisoba but oh well. Although there is no next time.

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