Friday, December 25, 2009

Tchau Brazil!

Finally back in New York City. Oh how I miss you even when I'm not gone too long. Sigh.
A couple of final snapshots:

Bridgadeiro - a traditional Brazilian candy made from condensed milk, butter, cocoa and SPRINKLES. They also use the base mixture (minus sprinkles) as a filling for cakes and I saw it in little plastic cups at a bakery as well.

Guarana soda - very Brazilian drink made from the Guarana plant which apparently has more caffeine than a comparable amount of coffee...but it didn't keep me from falling asleep. And you think its called Guarana Antarctica? No, its pronounced something along the lines of "goo-AR-anah an-ta-CH-ka". Yea, I had trouble reading Portuguese too.

Churrascaria meat - finally, a churrascaria on my last day in Brazil when I was in Belo Horizonte for a client meeting. This wasn't one of those buffets, but instead you order meat a la carte. So we got this, which was beef. They cut you two thin slices and then take it away to put it back on the grill and then come back and cut you some more, and then back on the grill and so on until its finished. Mmm, meat.

Oh, and the strangest thing is seeing Christmas trees and lights and decorations while wearing a tshirt and shorts. Merry Christmas!

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