Monday, December 21, 2009

MASP and Paulista

My last free day in Sao Paulo. I wanted to relax by the pool but unfortunately I didn’t have time before they closed for the day. I went to the MASP (Museu de Arte de São Paulo), which houses some European art (even a few Manet’s and Renoirs! And they had a comprehensive Rodin exhibit, but I’m not a fan). The coolest thing about the MASP was the actual building; it’s a giant concrete and glass box, divided into two floors, and supported by two huge lateral beams (the red things).

The museum itself is a lot smaller than other museums I’ve been to but apparently this one houses the most comprehensive European art collection in all of Latin America and one of the top ones in the Southern Hemisphere.

I also dropped into Trianon Park which is a leafy jungle oasis, complete with Santa’s workshop (I didn’t know he lived in tropical climates), and walked around Avenue Paulista which is completely decked out in holiday decorations.

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