Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Açai - my newest obsession

Newest obsession: frozen açai pulp with granola and strawberries. I prepared myself when ordering this, and when they told me they didn’t speak English I knew what to say – Açai com granola y morango!

LOOK AT THAT. Ok, fine, you can’t see the actual açai but it’s like eating really smooth frozen sorbet that isn’t too sweet and has a slight bubblegum flavor. Mix in some granola for texture variation and some strawberries, and oh dear, that is GOOD. Plus, it’s healthy! Have you not seen all those awful açai miracle berry weight loss ads? I highly doubt this thing makes you lose weight but it seems healthier than eating ice cream and it’s packed with a bagillion anti-oxidants. MMMMMM.

And heres açai na tigela (in a bowl) from a juice stand in the food court behind my hotel. They ran out of strawberries, so the other traditional fruit topping is bananas. Too bad I only discovered this after already being here a whole week. I could’ve eaten this for dinner every night!

Update: My coworkers told me this is super calorific. Sigh, I knew it, I just didn't want it to be true! I'll be on a quest to find some frozen pulp at Whole Foods while in NYC (WITH calorie count).

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