Saturday, January 30, 2010


Ce quoi ca? It is the first hamburger (or "am-BOO-hr-gh-err" as they say here) I have ever eaten in Paris. 

My coworkers convinced me to try what they claim is the best burger ever from a place nearby called Razowski's (contrary what the daisies on the website may make you think, the place is very sleek). I ordered the "Razowski burger" which was "pain de mie, boeuf, oignons, champignons sautes, avocat emince, creme fraiche, ciboulette" which I took to be "bread (hamburger bun), beef (patty), onions (not raw), sauteed mushrooms, sliced avocado, creme fraiche, chives".  And this is what I got.

Granted I should've known better because I like the minimal (cheese)burger with just lettuce, tomato, ketchup and pickles. And I was already weary when the regular burgers on the menu had mayonnaise as one of the ingredients. Mine didn't have mayo, but seriously, look at it. I mean really, they killed it! Its like killing a cow twice. It's already dead, why don't we ruin the meat as well? Sigh. Cold burgers? Not real hamburger buns? No ketchup?! Blasphemy. Fine, I can deal with raw onions but the vehicle for the patty, an essential component, is way off. I mean it's like two toasted rounds of bread! The only thing redeeming about this were the "fries" I ordered which were really roasted potatoes, and the pickles. And my Diet Coke. 

Prior to getting the burger, my coworkers told me not to voice my dislike, if that be the case, and if I did, I would be greatly disliked and banished from future ordering (which I can't afford at the moment). However, I'll give the place a second chance, but not for take-out. I am not a fan of cold burgers. I feel sorry for them if that's the best burger they've ever had...they need to try something better...

So, dear Mr. Danny Meyer, I suggest you expand to Paris asap. They will be all over you as french people like to be uber trendy but compassionate to the working class and since burgers are simple food and from America, they'll be all over you like a...I'll refrain from writing something inappropriate. No, really, they do. Its calle bobo or bourgeois bohemien. Anyhow, Danny, make it happen.

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