Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Skiing in Courchevel

I haven't been skiing in two years, but thats not saying much since I've only skied twice before! We (company weekend trip! but the cost most likely comes out of my bonus) went to Courchevel the weekend I "officially" moved to Paris. Apparently its the "Aspen of Europe" or something like that. That doesn't impress me but it was so pretty! There was so much snow...the most I've seen in many many years. And they make everything so nice, stringing up evergreens with lights. And its not really a town, its a bunch of little chalet villages (chalet's are so cute!) on a mountain that connect via roads. So we took the TGV there, which is one of those super fast trains where if you stand up to go to the bathroom you end up wobbling up the aisle, and falling onto random people's seats, which I pretty much did. And this is our dinner on the train:

Only in France would they give you a boxed dinner, with a half bottle of wine. But no water.

On a random note, apparently all the Russian oligarchs like to go to Courchevel for Russian New Year, during which time my hotel room, for example, was 1,300 EUR a night. That is not a typo. And 4-bedroom (the ones without) a pool, go upwards of $30,000 for a weekend. Crazy! But, the view out of my 1,300-EUR-a-night-during-Russian-New-Year room (we had roommates) can't be beat...

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