Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eclair weekend!

Sadly, SC couldn't join but she was the one who alerted me to this - Fauchon eclair weekend! September 9, 10 and 11, Fauchon, the epicerie fine on Place de la Madeleine, showcased 50 varieties of sweet and savory (but mainly sweet) eclairs.

Taking a break while working yet another weekend, I went to check it out on the last day in the evening hoping to avoid the crowds (conveniently, Fauchon is a 7 minute walk from my office). Behold:

Colors! Edible gold and silver foils! Half naked Brigitte Bardot! (Note: she is apparently a crazy old lady now who I bet you never ate eclairs). It was hard to choose but I went with pink grapefruit, champagne and raspberry, and bébéclairs in salted butter caramel, lemon, almond and chocolate raspberry flavors. 

No I did not eat them all myself! I shared them with the other two poor souls stuck in the office on a Saturday night at 7pm. I don't like eclairs, as I've mentioned before. But these, well these were a different story. The pink grapefruit had a puree of real grapefruit, rather than just cream, on the inside (although I'm sure it was in a cream-like base), the champagne had what seemed to be crunchy violet candies (candied petals?) on top, and the bébéclairs (which I liked the best, especially the salted butter caramel) were the perfect sized piece of pure flavor. Perhaps I am an eclair-convert now...

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  1. WHAAAATTTT those look delicious!!