Thursday, September 16, 2010

New York hot dogs and Russian pastries in Paris

Deciding what to do for lunch at work is usually one of two things for me - cafeteria or Kayser. On occasion I'll venture out somewhere else but there's not that many places nearby where you can get something amazing for take-out. The baguettes here are as ubiquitous as the bodega sandwiches and the delis with make-your-own-salads in NYC - so no sense in wandering too far. Today, however, my Russian coworker AP and I wandered over to Printemps, where Cafe Pouschkin, an off-shoot of a restaurant in Moscow, has opened up on the ground floor. 

It has macarons (of course), pastries (mais oui!) and pirozhki. That's what I was there for. They were tiny but I heard they were good so I went ahead and ordered one meat and one mushroom.

Sensing it may not be enough for lunch, we also grabbed hot dogs New Yorkaise from a Manhattan Hot Dog cart, which is located between the two Printemps stores. As with burgers, I'm a purist - just a regular hot dog, in a bun, with ketchup.

I must say, not bad. Not bad at all. Actually, I quite liked the hot dog - the bun was very soft in that soft American hot dog bun kind of way but the main thing was the actual hot dog - it tasted real and was a normal size!

And now, the two pirozhki. While the pastry itself was perfectly adequate with a hint of sweetness, the meat turned out to be somewhat dry and the mushrooms flavorless. At €2.20 for something the size of my palm, I'd be hoping you can do better.

However, I plan to be back to sample some of the Russian-inspired desserts, like tarte sgouschenka, a riff off tarte au caramel that uses condensed milk and makes it into something similar to dulce de leche, and torte meodnik, or layered honey cake.

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