Thursday, October 28, 2010

Revisiting Cafe des Musees on my birthday

I feel old now. All 25 years old. There was one time when I was 20 and I was sitting in my dorm room at NYU in front of my computer while my roommate, SK, was in front of hers. All the sudden I had a slight panic about how old I was - I was convinced I was still 19 and not 20. SK repeatedly assured me I wasn't 19. I was unconvinced and took a 5 minute nap after which I think I came to my senses...there were other fun stories that year including me sleepwalking out of our dorm room but I won't go into that semi-hilarious incident. But 25 is old!

And to celebrate my old-ness, I rounded up a bunch of friends who were free on a Sunday night, booked a table at Cafe des Musees (conveniently located a few blocks from my apartment and conveniently delicious most of the time) and had a turbot with fettucine-style strips of zucchini and carrots, on a bed of a parsley-butter sauce. Kinda like what I had last time, and kinda similarly delicious but not as rich (last time it was an even richer butter sauce).

And the birthday dessert was a dacquoise (lady finger base) with pistachio creme and fresh raspberries, dusted with confectioner's sugar.

I'm a huge fan of the food here - simple but flavorful and well prepared, and the big upside is that its open on Sundays and can handle large groups (although we noticed they seem to seat all the English-speakers downstairs in the basement...)

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