Saturday, April 17, 2010

Eating my way through the Marais

I've been reading about how there's some great places to eat around my apt and seeing how mama + little bro were in town, I took them to dinner near the apt at Cafe des Musees, an unassuming place which apparently has a loyal following. I thought the space was small until, when led in, they took us down a flight of stairs to the cellar, with many more tables. The decor is lackluster but it's more than made up for in the food (at least in what I had).

For me? Filet de bas with a tagliatelle of veggies, surrounded by what to me looked like a lemon beurre blanc (or some kind of butter lemon sauce). Or, in other words, a fish surrounded by what seemed to be a stick of butter. But what a delicious stick that was. The bass was soft and sweet, offering no resistance to the fork, and flaking into tiny pieces only to be drenched in the butter sauce before being scooped up by me and going in my tummy. OM NOM NOM NOM. 

The skin was gorgeous and crispy. Accompanied by a bed of root veggies cut into thin ribbons and arugula, I cleared my place with ease and sopped up the extra sauce with bread. The little bro had an entrecote with fries that were surprisingly really good while mama had a some escargot to start (the sauce was so good and garlicy I couldn't resist dipping bread into it...actually I probably are a baguettes-worth of bread that night) and a cocotte de legumes in basil olive oil.

For dessert, a lusciously silky smooth creme caramel with two slices of financier cake which I soaked in the caramel. Good thing the three of us shared that.

 Now I've kinda been craving that fish again, it was that good. Who wants to go???

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