Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some sarrasin and forgotten veggies

Finally got a chance to go to Breizh Cafe in the Marais while mama + bro were here. Its been an elusive place. The first time I tried going there, in July 2009 while I was in Paris for training, they were completely full with a 1 hour wait. Subsequent occasions were also miserable failures with either too long of a wait, or the place being closed. But a Saturday lunch was a success. Granted we were told we could only stay until 1pm since it was all booked for brunch, we didn't need a lot of time.

45 minutes, a jambon fromage buckwheat crepe and some Bordier beurre fume rolled-up crepes later we left with happy tummies to do touristy stuff but not before stopping by Boulangerie Malineau to grab some canneles for my bro, which ended up being 10 mini canneles, a giant almond tuile, and a bag of marshmallows (which were actually pretty inedible). Then off to the Eiffel Tower for the requisite photos, followed by the Arc de Triomphe, a walk down the Champs Elysees to Laduree to get a box of macarons, 6 of which went in my tummy before going to be that night, and the obligatory cruise down the Seine. By then we were tired and went back to the apartment before dinner, for which I made reservations at Mon Vieil Ami on Ile Saint-Louis.

My seasonal veggie salad with raisins and almonds, and a toast smeared with tapenade, was beautiful and delicious, with veggies in all stages of preparation from raw (the radishes) to blanched (the other radish-looking roots) to steamed (the cauliflower). 

I got lamb shoulder as my main and I'm pretty sure they subbed the veggies I was supposed to get for other stuff, which I think were parsnips (not a huge fan). And the lamb was tough and gamey. But this place is known for their veggies, which, even if I don't like parsnips, were pretty damn tasty. Then again, they're from Joel Thiebault, a famed produce supplier who grows ridiculously delicious, "forgotten" and bizarre-looking produce (must visit his farm market stand one of these days...). The fish mama got, sea-bream, was awfully similar to the one I had at Cafe des Musees but equally delicious (and twice the price!)

And then for dessert, roasted pineapple with pineapple sorbet, and a coconut financier on the side. 

Mama had a pear crumble with caramel mousse and pear sorbet (I love caramel, especially salted butter caramel) and the bro got a vacherin (pretty much a baked alaska). The meringue was super airy and melted on your tongue. This isn't the vacherin he had, but another one he had during lunch one of the days, just so you know kinda what it looks like, although this one is kind of ginormous:

Mmmm, lots of food but, for the most part even with the random un-announced substitutions, way yum. I'd suggest any of the veggie dishes, fish dishes and any of the desserts. I'm signing off with a spoon in one hand and a jar of Nutella in the other. You do the math.

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