Saturday, April 10, 2010

I am alive

Hello hello my lovlies! No I did not die. I am back after being without internet in my apartment for A MONTH. A month. It's so ridiculous I don't even want to express my disdain and frustration. And I'm paying for that whole month too!

Granted I probably would've been MIA regardless since JP came to visit for a week, and then mama + bro, and then I've been getting CRUSHED at work the past two weeks. Last week I didn't leave before 3am, I worked until 1:30am on Monday (which was a holiday here) and this past week I hadn't left before 2am, until today, when I left at midnight. Yesterday was a 4am night (or morning?). Next week isn't looking much better but at least I can enjoy tomorrow shopping and later have a Skype date (finally!)

Anyhow, lots to tell, lots of places I've been (to eat) and lots of pounds gained (+6lbs) since March 13th. So there'll be an updating frenzy over the next few days, but for now, I'm off to bed to get my first good night's sleep in a while.

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