Sunday, April 11, 2010

Is it finally les printemps?

While everyone in New York has been enjoying ridiculously beautiful summer weather (or so I hear), we've been stuck with weather that's been teasingly inching up towards the 60's but then giving us rain, clouds, and occasionally hail. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I haven't really dealt with the weather the past two weeks as week 1, I didn't leave the office before 3am and week 2, not before 2am. But, thankfully since its the weekend and I only worked from my apt at night, today was a gorgeous day and it seemed all of Paris was out and about. Today I wasn't the only one wearing sunglasses for once (I wear them in the winter too in NYC, but it's because it really is bright outside!). And I got some much-needed vitamin D.

 To not completely waste the day away in my apartment, I finally went shopping. I've been craving retail therapy. I hadn't gone shopping since leaving NYC. And my three-month anniversary of arriving in Paris is on April 14th. That's three months without going into a clothing store. I used to go every weekend back home.
And since it was so nice and sunny outside, I decided it would be a perfect day for some ice cream. I'm fortunate enough to live close to both Berthillon (the most famous ice cream in Paris) and Pozzetto (a relatively new well-regarded and well-blogged-about gelato shop).

I took JP there two weeks ago. They have their traditional specialties (Gianduia, Sicilian Pistachio and Hazelnut), 3 flavors of the month, 3 fruit flavors of the month, and some other ones that I forget. I had the Flor di Latte (milk) and Yogourt Magro (yogurt) flavors and JP had coffee and strawberry. I wasn't blown away like I thought I would be, it was OK. Although the coffee was very coffe-ish (in a good way).

Today I lined up for 10 minutes to get two scoops to go. I went with the Sicilian Pistachio and pear. I like to get one creamy and one fruity flavor. I feel like they balance each other out.

Pozzetto redeemed itself (both in flavor and presentation...look how well those two go together!). The pear tasted like biting into a ripe, juicy fruit, complete with the grainy-ness you get from super ripe pears. And the Sicilian Pistachio was so concentrated and reminded me of these Lindt chocolates they sell only at their stores which are shaped like the sicilian pistachio and filled with sicilian pistachio ganache. Anyhow, it was DELICIOUS. Although my favorite ice cream / gelato / sorbet / frozen thing is still The Bent Spoon.

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