Friday, January 07, 2011

NYC - Eataly

Finally got myself over to Eataly which I've neglected on two previous visits to New York. That thing is massively chaotic. I could barely get my bearings while dodging the stay-at-homes who were more than happy to drop $8 on a bag of dried pasta. The standing-tables in the middle at which lunchers happily scarfed down salumis and salamis didn't help but I'm amazed that the waiters somehow navigated this hectic maze. By the way, who are all these people there in the middle of a work day? Do you people not have a job? You must otherwise you wouldn't be shopping here...

Anyhow, after TC and I put our names down for the Pizza/Pasta restaurant (40 minute wait) we wandered around a little bit to kill time. If I lived in the area (cross fingers) I would most definitely drop lots and lots of money here. Fresh pasta, freshly baked breads, sauces, cheeses, meats, olive oils, all kinds of balsamics (even the $200 ones) and other goodies galore. Drool. I'd justify it by cutting out one of my weekly clothing-shop trips that I tend to have more often than I should in NYC (closet in definite need of some Spring cleaning, specifically for shoes).

After finally sitting down, I couldn't not order the mozzarella after TC mentioned how good it was. And good it was indeed - everything I love in good mozzarella. None of that deli-cheese rubber ball stuff. No, this is creamy and milky, a whole ball cut into rounds and topped off with good olive oil and sea salt. I ate three pieces. No wonder I'm now tipping the scale past the higher end of what I should be.

As for our split of the pasta/pizza, the buccatini all'amatriciana was reminiscent of what JP had ordered at Enoteca San Marco in Las Vegas (maybe not so surprising considering it's another Batali/Bastianich restaurant) and the pizza margherita was quite palatable with a nice chew to the crust, a thin sweet tomato sauce and globs of that delicious mozzarella.

Now I'm really eager to try the rest of the offerings at the store - particularly Verdure, the vegetable-focused restaurant

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  1. Thanks for the mention. =) TC...good times. I'm hoping when you move back we can eat together more!