Saturday, January 29, 2011

Au Revoir, Paris

I will call 2010 the year that went "poof!" as in "poof! there it went". At first it was dragging along, then it went by too fast during the summer and these last few months have been filled with worry and me being in limbo. But all is well now and I'm sitting here in my apartment (which isn't cute anymore...will post pictures later) with an hour before my taxi arrives with two thoughts on my mind: (a) I hope customs doesn't take the two butters away from me, one of which, the beurre cru or raw butter, the sommelier at Spring gave to us a few days ago and the other a salted butter from Pascal Beillevaire and (b) how to pack my Freebox aka internet modem and related things with no box and hoping that since they haven't charged me for internet at all this year, they won't when they get the box back.

But now it is time to go and leave Paris after a year and get back to NYC where I have friends, family and a certain boyfriend waiting for me. Everyone keeps asking if I'm sad or happy. I'm sad to leave but happy to go. It's bittersweet - I'll miss my friends here (thanks for everything kiddos!) and I'll even miss Paris a little bit but honestly, I can't wait to get myself back to NYC. And get my butt in the gym to work off all that food that I've eaten in the past two weeks. There'll be several Paris posts coming up not because I've been a lazy bum but because I've been super busy both at work (I was at work until 11pm on Wednesday!) and out and about.

In the meantime, to tide you over, here's a little list I made about Paris.

Things I will miss
- French dairy products aka yogurt and fromage blanc
- Bordier and pretty much any other butter, especially the one that they have at Spring that's not sold retail and wholesale only to restaurants
- Eric Kayser, specifically the Tolbiac baguette, the madeleines and the torte monge
- Pierre Herme macarons

Things I won't miss
- The weather that is primarily gray
- Dog poop everywhere on the street
- Lack of hygiene on multiple occassions, specifically in crowded subways and in taxis

Well there you go. Time to go get that butter and return my Freebox. Then get in a cab and get myself on the A380 (yay!) back home where I belong.


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