Thursday, February 10, 2011

La Regalade Saint-Honore revisited

Confirmed. La Regalade Saint-Honore takes top honors, tied with Ze Kitchen Galerie, for my favorite sit-down restaurant dinner in Paris. Again, deliciousness, perhaps mirrored by the fact that we sat at the same exact table I had sat my first time there. Some dishes on the menu were familiar, others were not. And as much as I wanted to get the poitrin de cochon avec lentilles vertes de Puy, I didn't. The squid-ink risotto made an appearance on the menu again as well. But tonight was a night where I was going to try new stuff (mainly). And that began with a "no Morgon" rule.

After having my fill of terrine de canard et voillaile (as well as cornichons ), along came my starter of cannelloni avec legumes confits a la ricotta, parmesan, jambon cru et basilic. HUGE PORTION. It was as much as I would probably eat for lunch. Four cannellonis filled with  flavorful mix of veggies and bound by ricotta, topped with jambon cru and argula, and some surrounding drops of basic pesto. There wasn't anything that should have been amazing about it - it was simple pasta. But it just tasted so good and comforting.

The scallop dish looked mighty fine as well, although JF and SM seemed to have trouble getting the actual scallops out.

And yes, here's a starter with the ubiquitous lentils and foie gras. But the lentil soup was really really good. 

I had recommended the poitrine de cochon to AB, which was, again, a home run. 

JF and I both went for the beef which was cooked like a bourgignon. Although a little salty, it was super satisfying and I probably left half the meat on my plate, which my dining companions had no qualm about picking at. I must say, the frenchie know how to cook carrots. How to cook carrots really well. I was a huge fan.

SM had the dorade with fennel, coriander and ginger (I noticed he usually goes for fish actually...). It was pretty.

And for dessert, I couldn't not go with the pots de creme a la vanille avec coulis de fruits de passion that I had last time. It's like creamy dreamy heaven in a little pot, or two. The souffle a Grand Marnier, although impressive and citrusy, was just too eggy for me. Are souffles always so eggy tasting?

After finishing our dinner with the complimentary madeleines, I can definitely say this is a "don't miss" in Paris. The dining room is large without being overly so allowing for seating far enough apart as to still be intimate yet comfortable.  The high ceilings also help. The food is consistently delicious, the wine list isn't outrageous (a great €23 bottle of Faugeres, for example), and the service is actually quite good. And 3 courses for €33 smack in the center of Paris? I say go, now.

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