Saturday, February 26, 2011

Taim falafel

I spent an hour in 23 degree (that's Fahrenheit) weather waiting for a falafel from the Taim truck that parks outside my work on Wednesday afternoons. It was only 12:20pm when we went down to get falafel and the line was HUGE. We ordered within 15 minutes but then the rest of the time we spent waiting for out food. I guess they don't have enough falafel ball fryers on board.

Was that sandwich worth the 1 hour wait in the freezing cold forcing me to lose all senses in my feet for the next few hours? Maybe not. Although I would get it again if I didn't have to wait that long. I guess we can just try to come earlier. Sadly, I must admit, I think I liked the falafel from L'As du Fallafel in Paris better...the balls are smaller and crispier but most importantly, they put tons of cabbage in your falafel which I love.

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