Sunday, November 28, 2010

Food aversions

So many people recently have said that I'm picky, well my pickiness stems mainly from my avoidance of food I used to be allergic to (although new allergies keep popping up all the time it seems, like raw and grilled eggplant most recently). Things I don't eat include:

1. Eggs. No egg dishes, and I pick out large pieces of fried egg from pad thai, but eggs in baked goods are ok, but not overly-eggy custards, but in general I like custards and flan  
2. Mayonnaise. It contains eggs. I don't like eggs. Also would rather not eat the calories associated with mayonnaise.  
3. Shellfish. I think I was deathly allergic to them when I was younger but now I just don't care for them. So no shrimp, lobster or crab for me
4. Mollusks and bivalves. I LOVE LOVE LOVE mussels. Scallops, clams, oysters and others can go elsewhere. As in not in my tummy
5. Certain kinds of fish. I am deathly allergic to sturgeon, so much so that I have an epi-pen. I once went to the hospital after eating a tiny piece of smoked sturgeon (the Russians love it). Because of this, I approach new fish I have never tried cautiously. But for the most part, I eat all other fish including arctic char, salmon, sea bream, turbot, bass, etc etc. I will not eat Chilean Sea Bass for ethical reasons. But I will eat red snapper, which I love, but only in Mexico. Yes, I am a hypocrite. What can I say.  
6. Sushi. I don't like raw fish. I am also allergic to random fish (see above). But I do like sushi restaurants. I order cucumber-avocado rolls. Rice on the outside, please. And add some sesame seeds. Thanks.  
7. Black caviar. See above, deathly allergy to sturgeon. Plus you'll thank me at the dinner table when you don't have to share your caviar. I don't eat red caviar either though.  
8. Celery. I can't stand the taste. I've tried it multiple times and I just don't like it. I can stomach celeriac though, but it's not my favorite
9. Innards + offal + sweetbreads. Tried some and its more a texture thing. That and I just don't want to. Plus I have awful memories of fried liver when I was little.  
10. Foie gras. Both ethical and taste reasons. And the point above about innards. But if you eat it I won't judge. I eat baby cows after all. Mmmm, veal...  
11. Aspic. Another popular Russian food but no thanks, I don't like meat encased in jello. Nor do I like the Russian mayo-based salads. See mayo-hating reason above.  
12. Peanut butter. Blasphemy, I know. But I didn't grow up with it and I'd rather not eat too much of it because I'm afraid I'll start liking it and I most definitely don't need those extra calories. This include Reese's.  
13. Pumpkin pie. I think not ever having a good one has prevented me from trying more. I like pumpkin (and squash in general). I like pie. Just not pumpkin pie.
14. Milk. Don't do milk. Never liked it. Once in kindergarten they tried to force me to drink my milk and I refused. I do like my cereal to be completely soaked in milk though. But I don't eat cereal too often.  
15. Nacho cheese. It's not normal. Just please, NO. Kraft Singles...that's another story. You can't have a cheeseburger without a Kraft Single. It's just not American. But then again, so is not eating peanut butter...or pumpkin pie...  
16. Blue cheese. No a fan, that's all. But I like pretty much any other kind of cheese.  
17. Oatmeal. Tastes like old people food. Not that I don't like old people.  
18. Bell peppers. Used to be allergic, but now I just don't like them. But any other pepper I will eat. Jalapenos, serranos, habaneros...  
19. Olives. Love me a good olive oil. Can't stand the taste of olives. 
20. Root beer. Reminds me of this medicine I used to have to take when I was little. Also along the same lines, salted licorice. Gross.
21. Honey. Again, allergies. Honey in stuff, sure. But not a huge fan of honey by itself or honey drizzled over something. For this I have maple syrup. But not pancake syrup. NEVER pancake syrup.
22. Coffee. Love coffee-flavored everything, dislike coffee. I find it too bitter for me. Plus not drinking it means I won't stain my teeth - that's what red wine is for.

Things I do eat that you might not:  
1. Tongue. Mmmm, giant cow tongue = deliciousness. Just don't overcook it.  
2. Beets. I am a sucker for beets in any preparation. Except in mayonnaise.  
3. Lentils. I made things with red lentils. I love lentils de puy with some pork. And at Indian restaurants I can't not order daal. Can I have some more?  
4. Beans. Any kind of beans in general.  
5. Eggplant. Yes, I am allergic to raw and grilled but braised or especially with black bean sauce, just get in my belly. Thanks.
6. Fried farmer's cheese. If you tried it, you'd like it too.  
7. Sour cream. I can eat it by the spoonful. I guess the calories I don't consume by not eating peanut butter get canceled out here...
8. Buckwheat. Poor Russian farmer food. Delicious with lots of butter.  
9. Grains and couscous. Love them. Don't cook enough of them. Freekeh, bulgur, israeli couscous, polenta, whatever. Indifferent to quinoa though.
10. Matcha. I can handle the really intense matcha. Love the bitterness of it in desserts. Also love the smokiness of Hojicha.  
11. Brussels sprouts. Hopefully you try them with bacon before you hate on these
12. Root vegetables. Rutabagas, parsnip, turnip, give me. Beets already mentioned above. Minus celeriac.  
13. Goat cheese. Preferably warm, on toast, accompanied with a salad with bacon.  
14. Jamaica. Although you'd probably like it too if you try. Plus its not really for eating so much as drinking. And please, drink it with some good dark rum.

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  1. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Haha this were fun factoids about you! Please share your caviar with me. I agree on the oatmeal, but I've been meaning to try steel cut oatmeal which is supposedly better? I love beets sooo much. And sour cream. I made brussel sprouts with bacon and a touch of maple syrup for our Thanksgiving potluck this year! Wish you were here for it. - Alice