Sunday, November 21, 2010

London - Tea at The Wallace Collection

On a recommendation, we booked tea at The Wallace Collection. Good company with AG and JF, good tea, pretty good sandwiches, cakes and scones (although more yeasty than crumbly), atrocious service. 

We arrived (3:00pm) and not only did they completely forget to seat us (3:10pm) even though we had reservations but it took forever to take our order (3:25pm) and then even longer to bring it out (4:15pm), all the while others seated after us had already begun drinking their tea. We were assured that it would only be a few more minutes as the scones were about to come out of the oven all the while plates of scones were being brought to tables seated after us. Huh. Interesting. It's tea. I'm sure your water is boiled, your sandwiches are already made and fine, maybe your scones need some reheating but please, it does not take 50 minutes for a teapot and some pastries to arrive. 

Conclusion? It's good but not worth it unless you are really patient, not hungry and don't mind sitting around waiting.

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