Tuesday, November 16, 2010

London - Ottolenghi

Ottolenghi, you deserve your own, lengthy post. I can sing praises all day. Everything in your store screams "eat me!" Butternut squash, roasted aubergines, chili-laced broccoli, glazed carrots...my god, if I had one of these near me I'd never eat elsewhere nor would I cook! Screw the meat, this is vegetarian paradise. So since there's no Ottolenghi in the U.S., the next best thing is the cookbook. You know, the holidays are coming up, hint hint.

(They had a no-photo policy but I managed to sneak a quick one of the pastry section from the hallway leading up to the store)
AG left work early and stopped by Ottolenghi for takeout dinner before I got there. Vinegared beets with apples, broccoli with chili and garlic, glazed roasted carrots, potatoes and grain salad and sugar snap peas and green beans, and a pear and sultana tart that tasted like fall...I knew I wanted more.

Wandering over the next morning, I picked out the flourless lemon polenta cake for breakfast, which was moist and studded with candied fruit. The icing of top (delicious and ridiculously sweet in its own right by the way) gave the cake the right not-overwhelming amount of sweetness. It was really hard to leave half the cake...good thing I cut it in half before taking a huge forkful. 

And I couldn't not go back again so on Sunday morning, we dropped by to pick up £25 worth of veggies for me to take back to Paris. Mmmm...gonna be waiting for that cookbook. But in the meantime, I might pick up some broccoli or aubergines.

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