Friday, November 19, 2010

London - Borough Market

What kind of Food Ninja (a term coined by some Americans living in stinky-cheese land) would I be if I did not make an obligatory stop to this London food mecca? Saturday morning, after being thwarted by not only engineering works on the tube, but also the City of London Lord Mayor inauguration (or something like that), we made it to Borough Market at the respectable hour of noon (yours truly was thinking about getting there around 11am so we actually did quite well!).

Samples galore! Cheeses, jams, spreads, chocolates...mmmm. Here are a few snapshots of that afternoon:

We weren't just freeloaders - we did manage to buy some things, like the German Cheesecake (above) which was not very good - dense and with a cake-like base - and as such, half of it ended up in the trash can. We also got some brambleberry jam and some kind of cheddar from Neal's Yard Dairy, which I intend to use in my Thanksgiving cornbread.

More importantly, we got a chelsea bun (below, upper right) from Flour Station.

It's essentially a dense, yeasty cinnamon-raisin roll but less so on the cinnamon. I'm glad we didn't eat it on the spot - warmed up in a microwave the next day and spread with some salted Bordier butter it was something else entirely.

We were actually super full from all the sampling and eating that we didn't even try everything that was recommended by various sources. I guess that'll give me good reason to return next time...

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