Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Coppelia - a new Latin diner

AB visited this weekend from Rhode Island before he goes down to Brazil later in the summer. He finally met JP and vice-versa (although it seemed as if both of them didn't believe the other existed...). The visit pretty much meant non-stop eating, starting with Saturday brunch at Coppelia, a newly opened Cuban diner from the chef behind Toloache (love their margaritas). It's conveniently located on 14th and 7th, and will soon be open 24 hours. I really liked the decor - comfortable unpretentious booths with (Formica?) tables evoking the diner-feel, with the decor being predominantly in the warm yellow/ocean turquoise color palette. 

What stood out the most for me were the Torreijas de Oliva, pretty much a slice of french toast laden with olive oil, in the best of ways, and with a crispy brulee'd crust. it was almost pudding-like in consistency. 

I also had a semi-spaz moment when Pichet Ong, their consulting dessert chef walked in. He definitely saw me staring at him wide-eyed. I also took him to Ippudo (2 hour wait as always) and the pork buns were just as good as I remembered them to be. Now if only that rumored location in Midtown would open so maybe the wait time would be cut down to 1.5hrs...

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