Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hecho en Dumbo (Manhattan)

So since coming back from Paris, I've been getting into the whole coupon thing. First I signed up for Lifebooker and have booked a manicure and salsa classes on it already, in addition to other things. Then I signed up for Groupon, although I haven't found anything yet. And I've also bought 4 coupons for a 2-person $40 brunch with a pitcher of sangria at Boutique Eats in Chelsea. We will be brunching there shortly. But I find myself turning to and for a lot of NYC-based restaurants. Scoutmob gives you percentages (30% or 50%) off your total check (usually with an imposed limit) but these are free. Blackboardeats used to be free and it still sometimes is, but other times you have to pay $1. And so I paid $1 to get 30% off (maximum of $15) at Hecho en Dumbo (although it's the Manhattan location so maybe it should be Hecho en Manhattan?). 

JP and I went for brunch after one of our apartment-searching weekend mornings a while ago now. We sat at the table overlooking the kitchen (which I love). The guacamole wasn't memorable but margaritas were appropriately strong (tamarind and jamaica, of course). 

What I really enjoyed was the small plate of mini-pastries they gave - two palmiers (these are really popular in Mexico) and two small sweet buns with jam and butter on the side. It's little things like this that count and make you remember a restaurant. That and watching the staff make our food. 

My enchiladas were alright, a little too cheesy for me. JP really liked his huge bowl of pozole. I can understand that. Pozole isn't something I would order regularly but sometimes it just hits the spot. And with $15 off the check, we were quite happy. 

I wouldn't go out of my way to go here but if I was in the area, this is definitely a contender. On the plus side, they're open super late and have a late-night menu if you're out in the Bowery area.

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