Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kittichai - AYCD brunch

The girls and I brunched at Kittichai a few weeks ago to celebrate the return of rock-climbing girl (I need to come up with nicknames for you guys, rather than using initials). Surprisingly I've actually never been. But it was fun! I liked the decor, especially the candles/flowers in the pool that's in the middle of the dining room. We went for an All-You-Can-Drink (AYCD) brunch but somehow, it seems that I am the only lush around these parts so I was one of only two people that actually did the $25 AYCD (unlimited blood orange or lychee mimosas, or bloody marys), while the rest of the group opted for the $20 three-course prix-fixe lunch (it's restaurant week all year round over here!). I went for the kaffir lime souffle pancakes with lemongrass butter

They weren't pancakes per-se and they weren't a souffle either...they were more like pancake-sized airy disks. Whatever, they were delicious. I think the better option was however the $20 lunch, although I am rarely in the mood for a three-course lunch at noon on a weekend. But if you are, this is an awesome deal and in a nice, fun setting (although the food isn't exactly Thai...)

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