Saturday, May 01, 2010

American sugar

Have I ever said how much I love my best friends back in NYC? No? Well there. I'm saying it now. They are the most awesomest friends anyone could ask for. First, for my going away, they procrastinated and spent a hung-over morning finishing a scrapbook for me before brunch. And not just any scrapbook, a RECIPE scrapbook! Speaking of which, I need to go find it and make something. I shed a few tears when they gave it to me during brunch. I'm really an emotional wreck at heart. Sigh.

And now, I get this!

Many of the contents have already been pilfered by yours truly during the work day including a twix bar, raisinets and welchs fruit snacks. And asian gummies were left in my desk drawer at work. And I'm making my way through the rest of these at an unhealthy pace of koala bears and mini asian snacks last night. But fear not! Salad this weekend. Muchas gracias a mis amigos!

On a random note, I had trouble typing this entry because this is what my keyboard currently looks like. 

Last weekend I happened to open the shades because it was so nice and sunny outside and had a mirror in front of my computer (make-up! very important!). And then I saw smoke rising and thought my computer was going to explode. But no, it was the sun hitting my mirror and then reflecting on my keyboard. I guess ants really do die a painful death when kids burn them with magnifying glasses. I know my keys did...


  1. Omg!! Hahaha what the F, I didn't know that was even possible!! Hope you can get it fixed?

  2. Haha duddde...that does NOT look good. @_@

    Glad you liked the snacks!