Sunday, May 02, 2010

May day

Being a perpetual returner, I needed to go and return some clothes I bought. But I completely forgot it was May 1st and didn't realize everything would be closed. That hindered my returning-abilities but at least the Marche des Enfants Rouges was open. I've been really awful lately and needed to get some salad leaves in me. On the way there, I stopped by Hure, a bakery which I'd heard has fantastic savory mini-breads. I wanted to get the Reblochon-Lardons (essentially cheese and bacon) but they had run out, so I settled for the Lardons.  

It was so ridiculously good. Imagine a soft, mini ciabatta stuffed with bacon bits and all the dough being infused with that smoky flavor. Wow. I need to go back and try some other ones (they had merguez, chevre, tomato mozzarella, among others), but it will be hard to resist the bacon. Thankfully it's a 10, rather than a 5 minute walk from me, else I'd be in even more trouble.

Also, on May Day, they sell one of my favorite flowers of all time everywhere - Lily of the Valley! Most people buy a stem or two; I got a whole bouquet. 

The smell is super intoxicating. Either that, or lilacs, are going to be my wedding bouquet. I also like snow drops but those wilt super fast. Yes, I'm planning ahead. That and that my food will be served family-style. Moving on.

I also stopped by my butcher where I attempted to explain that I wanted hanger steak by pointing to my chest (hanger steak "hangs" from a cow's diaphragm). They figured out what I wanted and asked how many people its for cause I only wanted half of it. I had to confess and say one. So sad. So so sad. Steak is not something you should eat by yourself. Chicken, fine. Veal, ok. Even ground beef. But not steak. Anyhow, I rubbed some TJs taco mix seasoning I had on hand and threw it on a hot cast iron skillet. The result:

Mmmm. Really good meat. The seasoning was good but a little too much cumin for me. Maybe something a little simpler next time. Regardless, I ate it all.

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