Monday, May 24, 2010

To market to market

I've been living in and out of Bucharest (Romania) for the past three weeks but more on that later. Its warm in Paris. Warm means picnics and markets. And I love going to markets. There are always people, noise, and, of course, food! I used to go to the Union Square farmer's market in NYC a lot. The markets can't really call them farmer's markets. It's not actual farmers for the most part but guys who buy everything wholesale and then sell it. Sure there's a few local purveyors here and there but, for the most part, its people just selling things bought at wholesale prices. There are two ladies who sell lettuce at Marche d'Aligre and I don't know if they are from some farm or buy their lettuce wholesale but for some reason I really like buying from them. 

They just wrap the lettuce up in paper and give it to you. They're super efficient. And I think I prefer the Marche d'Aligre to the one at Richard Lenoir (Bastille). It's open both days of the weekend, it's mainly produce and it's generally cheaper. I like the top half of the area on the east side of the covered Beauveau market. These vendors always seem to have the most and the best. I also like how you can try almost anything before buying, although this week I somehow got sucked into buying €1.20 worth of overripe, starchy peas and now I don't know what to do with them. But I guess it's remedied by the strawberries and tomatoes I got. Finally good strawberries! I've been looking for them for a h-wile. My market bounty:

And of course, is a weekend really a weekend without something sweet? I finally got to stop by blé sucré (literal translation: sweet wheat). 

Apparently (according to David Lebovitz), they have the best Madeleines in Paris. And a damn good Kouing Aman. Didn't try the Kouing Aman but the Madeleines were pretty good, just not my favorite. That still goes to Eric Kayser.

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