Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coral sand and turquoise waters

I am back. I am back from 85 degree tropical weather and turquoise waters in Mexico, back from the ridiculously unexplainable city that is New York, and back in Paris. The Paris where in the middle of June, you are wearing a trench coat to work since the weather is below 70 degrees and raining and where my legs will always stay pasty white (not that that changed much in New York ever). How long this will go on is still TBD but for now, lets make the best of it until August when I am taking my next vacation. 

And so, a recap, primarily in pictures, of my week in Cancun.

There was a convention and they ran out of Junior Oceanfront suites with balconies. So we got upgraded to a Master Oceanfront Suite with a huge balcony (that wasn't even the next step up, it was two steps up). This is 1/2 of the hotel. Our room was the equivalent of the big half balcony halfway up the building side on the left.

And we got a free breakfast buffet everyday which is normally $30pp. I ate a lot of mangoes although these pictures definitely don't show it. What it shows is the reason I gained 5+ lbs.

And the view from our balcony.

And how was Cancun? Cheap to go there and stay there, really expensive while you're there. $100 for dinner in Mexico is kind of unheard of. But we went into town once and spent a total of $20 on dinner and drinks, so I guess we can say it balanced out. 

 But I can't resist tropical drinks. Especially in pineapples.

The food actually wasn't very good. Very greasy and oily in that part of the country it seems. But here's some food from a Oaxacan restaurant that was really good.

It wasn't all drinking, eating and sitting on the beach. We went to Tulum, which was a Mayan port city on the beach.

There's a lot of these guys there

And we went to Chichen Itza. Those Mayans knew a thing or two about math and astronomy.

The end.

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