Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Feed me more Moroccan food

Moroccan. This is one cuisine the U.S. doesn't have nearly enough of. Couscous, merguez, stewed veggies (usually turnips, zucchinis and chickpeas). So good. Even the version they serve at the cafeteria at work is ridiculously good in my opinion, although aside from the merguez they also pile on chicken (dark meat!) and lamb (way too gamy), both of which I pass on so as not to be a fattie. 

But merguez - well that I can't resist. Its a thin, spicy sausage originating in North Africa (Morocco I would assume) and is usually made from lamb but it can also be beef or a mixture of both. The spices in it make the fat run off a brick color when frying them up in a skillet. Delicious. Although, I must concede, I have been seeing merguez more and more in the U.S. it seems (I saw it at whole foods!) but in France it is so readily available at the grocery store (along with duck and rabbit) and at any of the butcher shops, which make their own.  

I met up with my friend for lunch at Marche des Enfants Rouges (I think I've written about it before). Aside from a few stalls that sell produce and flowers, the market is essentially a food court (lets call it a food hall because food court reminds me of malls). You can get lebanese, japanese, moroccan, italian, whatever either to go or to stay and eat it at the little wooden tables lining the west side of the market. It wasn't hard deciding on moroccan. It was hard deciding on what to get.  

I have to mention that the Moroccan food stall is completely tiled which I love, and which reminds me of the Talavera ceramic pottery and tiles I love so much from Mexico. Might have to convince JPs mama to install some somewhere in her new house like around a bathroom sink or in the kitchen or on the rise of the steps. I don't think my Mama's house would benefit from Talavera except for the salt and pepper shakers I got her this time...well maybe a nice platter next time! I myself am eyeing what I like to call the "chips and dip" set, where you have a plate with a bunch of mini bowls set on it. But as always, I digress. 

Look at this food. How could you pick just one? They have a ton of stuff (although some, like the eggplant, seemed too oily). I kinda wanted this pastilla, or pastry with ground meat. 

And the fish (sardines?) looked fantastic. 

But I wasn't feeling too adventurous and went with the usual, foolproof dish - merguez with veggies. 

Even served in a cute little clay dish. I couldn't stop smiling. I also couldn't stop eating this ridiculously sweet dessert we shared - it was essentially a square of couscous drenched in tons of honey (far left). 

Way too sweet but we couldn't stop eating little bites of it. Perhaps next time I'll try a different stall. But then gain, maybe not.

And it must be something but I don't know why I posted 5 entries or so in under a week. I guess I have a lot on my mind and write stuff.

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