Saturday, June 19, 2010

They don't actually serve Absinthe here

Went to a Friday night dinner with ME (who is a wonderful Boston-NYC girl) at L'Absinthe. It's a pretty laid-back, fairly modern-looking bistro on Place Marche du Saint Honore which is part of Michel Rostang's restaurant group, a chef who has 2 stars.

They actually have an English menu and the waiters speak English decently, except that our waitress had completely lost her voice. The other time I went there, I was underwhelmed by the dessert so we both went for the Entree + Plat. And 1.5 bottles of wine between the two of us.

My smoked salmon appetizer was thick, deliciously fatty slices of salmon served on top of some curried roasted potatoes.

ME got the lobster ravioli as the starter which were tiny little raviolis, topped with a sauce and big chunk of lobster.

She ordered monkfish for the main but somehow it was almost the same as the appetizer because it had the same sauce (you'd think they'd tell you something like that when ordering).

I got veal. When you order meat in Paris, it's a gamble. Medium could either come out medium-rare or medium-well. Last time, I had steak which I ordered medium and could only eat around the sides since it was mostly completely bloody. When ordering the veal chop, I knew better and ordered it medium well. It came out perfect, with a side of veggies including wild asparagus which I'd never tried before and was ridiculously good.

It was a nice night out that took my mind off being in an I-miss-NYC rut again.

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