Sunday, June 20, 2010

French hot dogs in American buns

I'd seen the US HOT DOG stand in the Marais when getting my gelato fix at Pozzetto and it always intrigued me. I'm a huge fan of street food and aside from the stuff they sell at markets (only half of which seems palatable at times), little stands like this are the closest I'm going to get to the equivalent of an NYC food cart.

Saturday I had "brunch" with GT who I hadn't seen in almost 2 months since my vacation was right after his 3 weeks in Asia (jealous btw!). Brunch wasn't brunch but a "hey, lets go get HOT DOGS!" I wisely agreed. They don't have the snap of Gray's Papaya but they were filling and the buns were totally American-style. I got one "US" style (onion confit and ketchup, although the onion confit is more French than American), and one with just ketchup (extra ketchup, I'm a fan).

Yes, I ate both of my hot dogs. They were yum. And then I got Pozzetto because I couldn't resist.


  1. hahaha, awesome post!! i had gray's papaya two times this weekend, and it was great!!!!! :P