Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More sweet wheat

I already wrote that I tried what David Lebovitz claimed were the best madeleines in all of Paris. Well for me, out of the madeleines I've had (althought limited), I'm a huge fan of these from Eric Kayser:

They have a huge hump and are always slightly overcooked with crispy edges. I guess everyone likes them differently? If I get a salad for lunch from Kayser, I always get one - its only an extra 50 centimes!

However, I paid blé sucré another visit (and I may again since its right on the way to the market). And behold:

Kouing Aman. So flipping good. Those layers pull right off leaving crisp buttery shards everywhere. Sugary, flakey and with a touch of salt. Devoured in under 5 minutes.

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