Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Maybe the chef has no tastebuds

I've been to Nomads 4 times. Twice to eat, twice for drinks. The first time I ate there, I had champagne, wine, lamb (more wine) and dessert, in that order. The night ended up with my being unable to get back into my hotel because the night guard had locked the door and was doing who knows what (ah, the charm of small Parisian hotels - never knowing that hey, there might be a curfew or a crazy person who decides to leave for 30 minutes and lock the door) and involved me dropping a good portion of my creamy dessert on my black shirt.

Fast forward 1 year, probably almost to the date give or take a week or two. A filet of daurade (dorade? sea bream) on a bed of ratatouille. 

Tasteless fish and too much oil in the ratatouille. Someone definitely under-seasoned. Unfortunate that flavor fell short, because the presentation of dishes here is so enticing and artful. You eat with your eyes but your tastebuds know something is wrong.

And the times I had drinks there? The first time I ordered a drink with lots of fresh fruit in it, and I couldn't drink it. I only ate the fruit. Porque? Because it was pure alcohol (or at least what tasted like it). The second time was last Friday and the drink was bearable but cloyingly sweet. And €10. No thanks, next time I'll pass.

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