Saturday, June 19, 2010

Failing at being a Paparazzi at Barbuto

Back in October, JP and I made a trip to Chicago which was centered around eating at Topolobampo (fail). We ended up at Frontera Grill twice in one day (brunch and dinner). It was delicious. I love Rick Bayless.

Anyhow, watching more Top Chef Master's episodes I totally fell for Jonathan Waxman. He's such a jolly grandfatherly man! And so, my one and only real day in NYC during vacation, JP and I went to Barbuto in the West Village.

Mmmmm, I've missed fresh market-driven food. We started with a salumi misti appetizer. JP had the bolognese and I had the gnocchi with market vegetables. Both were light and perfect for a warm summery afternoon. 

And then I saw Jonathan Waxman. And, just like with Daniel Boulud, I was too chicken to take a picture of him, even from far away. He was just chilling, talking to his staff and drinking. I wished I wasn't such a big dork until I saw another girl (also with her boyfriend) freaking out and trying to quickly take a picture. Made me feel less dorky, or at least know I was in the company of someone equally nuts as me. Also made me remember how much I <3 NY.

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