Saturday, July 03, 2010

Vienna in under 24 hours

Received a call Wednesday during dinner at 10pm from the Managing Director on my project. "You're going to Vienna tomorrow morning. Book a flight, be at the lawyers' offices by 1pm." Erm, ok sure.

In a taxi from the airport with my London associate. He apparently hadn't eaten breakfast. We were 20 minutes early. I suggested some wurst. Vienna! Sausage! Omnomnomnom. We didn't even reach the law offices. I got out with my suitcase and laptop bag, walked up to the sausage stand (they're everywhere), ordered a currywurst and a bratwurst and stood at the little counter eating cut up fried porky sausages with a little fork, the currywurst pieces being slathered in ketchup and, what else, curry powder.

Best idea ever after getting off a plane and before heading to see clients. Especially because they brought out some measly looking sandwiches an hour after we got there. Fortunately, I was still stuffed from the wurst. Unfortunately, negotiations lasted late into the night and I had no time to tuck a wienerschnitzel into my tummy before catching the following morning's 7am flight to Paris. Alas, next time.

And it wasn't the worst thing ever to wake up at 5am to this view out your window (it was much cooler than it looks):

Although this kinda freaked me out:

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