Saturday, July 10, 2010

Salade de carottes

I eat carrots for lunch. Probably about 2 of them, with a piece of bread at least 3 days of the week. I am ridiculously obsessed with the carrot salad at Eric Kayser which also has cabbage, raisins and a vaguely asian tasting vinaigrette (rice vinegar?). 

Sometimes I come too late and they don't have it. Sometimes they just don't have it that day in which case I unwittingly take a plain shredded carrot salad (€3.10 for three carrots, a mini bottle of vinaigrette and a petit pain or slice of baguette) since I'm too lazy to go elsewhere. In which case I also get a madeleine. They are ridiculously good there. They once over-baked  them and they were darker than usual but I really like the crispy edges of madeleines so I totally didn't mind. But I've also been eyeing Kayser's tarts lately (as well as the tart cookbook) and it seemed like a good day to get the tarte monge, which is filled with a llight mousse and topped with fruits rouges. Sweet from the mousse, sour from the the fruit and the base providing that perfect amount of crunch. Mmmmm, yum. Too bad I can't let it become a daily indulgence.

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