Saturday, February 13, 2010


Guess what's in the box.

Ok, granted you can read the side label. I got it at work today. And what was in that box? FLOWERS!!! JP got me flowers for vday. Granted, we actually never celebrate vday. But, the 17th is our 2.5 years, so we celebrate half years (yea, we still do, don't judge!). Whatever, these flowers are for celebrating whatever, whenever. So anyhow, look at this huge box! I think they actually shipped them from London. So he ordered in NYC, they put them together in London and Eurostar'ed (I assume) them over here today where I got them at the reception desk at my work in Paris. Wow, those flowers are globetrotters. Look at them so cute in their box!

Anyhow, so I carried that box back to my apartment. And my apartment has everything you could ever need and not need in terms of things that belong in the kitchen (a post on that later for sure). But no vase. How can you have 5 gratin dishes, 12 mugs but no vases? But then, I found this:

THE CANDLE HOLDER! Bye bye candle, HELLO GORGEOUS RED ROSES! woohoo. They're so pretty. MUCHAS GRACIAS JP!


  1. OMG those are so pretty!! Definitely the best V-Day bouquet I've seen to date!!

    Good job, Joe.

  2. Hahah, I also like how you've tagged this entry as "Life."

  3. booomie5:19 PM

    OMG GG those flowers are gorg!!!