Friday, February 19, 2010

My brain works

I've eaten seafood every day this week, which is quite a feat for someone that shies away from raw fish, doesn't eat shellfish (only mollusks, and only mussels at that), and may or may not be allergic to various species.

Monday was some calamari stew at the cafeteria (more on the cafeteria at a later date)
Tuesday was a salmon tartine from Kayser followed by salmon yakitori from a Japanese place for dinner
Wednesday was a hot salmon sandwich from Paul (I actually wanted their salmon salad but they were out)
Thursday I succeeded in getting the salmon salad at Paul...and then had some smoked salmon on miche Poilane for dinner.

Ok, so basically I just like salmon. A lot. And it seems abundant and common place here. Yay all those Omega 3's better be making me smarter...or something...

In other news, I found an apartment! It's in the Marais and uber cute and looks out onto a courtyard and has high ceilings and huge windows in the living room and lots of storage and a four range gas cooktop (thats a luxury in these here parts). You'll have to wait until I move in for more info and pics! Apartment lease signing is on Tuesday. And thanks to JP, who converted the amount I'm going to be paying in euros into dollars, I almost had a heart attack. And since there's a nice window ledge, I think I'll start myself a little windowbox herb garden (herbs are expensive and I never use the whole bundle and let half go to waste!).'s a pic from the real estate website.

Don't you love the closet?! I hope I'm not jinxing myself...

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