Sunday, February 07, 2010

Tarte tatin

I went to a place called l'Ebouillante (which I think translates to something like boil or scald or something, but definitely something to do with teapots and hot water) for some tea and pastry! After all, it's a weekend and I can be bad. I semi-adapted the rule the "S" rule of "no snacks, sweets or seconds, except on days that start with an 'S'"...I heard it was Michael Pollan's rule but apparently he quotes it from somewhere. So essentially, it means I only eat desserts (or try to only eat desserts, hah) on weekends. It's been raining here all day and I was definitely in the mood for something warm. I would've gotten hot chocolate (I love hot chocolate when it rains) but that might've been a little too much. So I got a pot of Earl Grey tea and a tarte tatin. I wish it wasn't so rainy because I can imagine this place being fantastic when its sunny outside; it's on a cobblestoned street behind a church and its terrace opens up as do the windows on the main floor and there's a few tables outside...would be great in the summer to sit outside, drink something and have something sweet!

Mmmmmm, warm caramelized apples (lots of butter and sugar...I have mentioned I like butter and sugar, have I not?), puff pastry and creme fraiche. The Frenchies are onto something here - warm caramelized apples and a cold and tangy creme fraiche is a fantastic pairing. Definitely offsets the sweetness of the tarte tatin and I always love the play of hot and cold together.

And I figured out how to work off the calories. The elevator in my building broke, so I've had to take the stairs since Friday. Ok, fine I'm only on the 2eme etage (that's 3rd floor for us Americans since the 1st floor is really the ground floor) its not that far up, but I'm a lazy bum. And then when I had to take the stairs up I started freaking out because my key wouldn't open the door to the stairs so I had no way of getting up to my apartment! But thats ok, I was just being stupid and didn't turn the key all the way. Then I realized it and couldn't get the key out...another dumb moment. Anyhow, I actually really like my stairs, they're so old school and made out of old wood.

Yea, I dunno what those chairs are doing down there either.

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