Thursday, February 25, 2010

This is no HS cafeteria

Look at me...I'm being a dork and writing about my corporate cafeteria. I've never really used corporate cafeterias before and I'm fascinated. I've given this one a couple tries and haven't been disappointed. You get a full plate of food (usually three choices daily) and three sides. A side can be salad bar, dessert, yogurt, pre-made appetizers or two pieces of fruit. They also sell half bottles of wine (but I think those are extra). They just renovated the cafeteria and the space, although crowded, is a bright a cheery refuge from these awfully dreary Paris winters. So everything is brand new and clean (we'll see how long that lasts). But I was really excited to see them doling out food from the big Staub cast iron pots. That's a nice investment right there. And look at my tray full of food.

This is all together less than 4 euros! I got rabbit (it wasn't very good actually) with potatoes and stewed sauerkraut, two clementines, a yogurt and a poached pear. And bread. French ppl like bread. Granted on a regular (non-cafeteria) day, I usually get a sandwich (I try to avoid baguettes for the most part and get the smoked salmon on pain de mie from Kayser) or a salad or something small and this here, well, its a lot of food. I save the fruit and yogurt for later, although I sometimes succumb to dessert (there goes my "No 'S'" rule). But it's so cheap and completely respectable which means I might have to go there more often. Now if only I could find willing accomplices...

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