Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vday = me + Laduree

Valentine's day spent eating pastries and macarons might be the second best thing to spending it with your significant other. Oh, and today is also my one month anniversary of moving to Paris! 23 (11?) more months to go. 

10:30am is a very very very early time to have brunch. It's not even brunch time, it's breakfast time. And when you drank a little too much wine the night before and got back to your apartment past 4am...well, lets not discuss that, shall we. Although I'm glad I got up early; even though its cold enough to make you have the sniffles the second you go outside, today turned out to be one of the nicest days here since I arrived. The sun is shining! I can see the sky! Anyhow. I said "non, merci" to the 22EUR salads (eek!) but "d'accord" to the 18EUR breakfast. Plus the atmosphere was nice and the company was good. Le petit dejeuner (which came with tea and juice...and a wrapped stick of butter):

So apparently that didn't satisfy my need for sugar and carbs, so I decided why not get some macarons? I haven't had any since I've been here, I'm at a great place to get some (though not the best in my opinion) and I've been somewhat good last week. But of course the line is huge because (a) it's Laduree (b) it's Laduree on Champs Elysees (c) its Valentine's day and (d) it's one of the few places open in Sunday (you try finding yourself some baked goods on a Sunday in Paris...). No matter, it moves fast. 

I end up getting the figues et dates (eh, you figure out what that one is but I ate it before taking the pic), cafe (you can figure that one out too, I know you all are smarties), cassis-violette (blackcurrants and violets) and caramel a la fleur de sel (my favorite!). The cassis-violette had a little too much tasted like someone just sprayed some violet flavored perfume in my mouth. Blah. Anyhow, I ate them all. About 7 minutes after taking the picture. Oh, and to take the picture, I had to open up my curtains (you know, natural light is better for pictures) and pulled a little too hard the curtains came down, with the curtain rod. And since my ceilings are about 9 - 10 feet high, well, I guess I'll have to call the corporate apartment people because I don't have a ladder, now do I?

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